Happy Spring! Deep clean your favorite cooking equipment and get ready!

Zombie Breath Chicken Burgers: Unleash the Flavor Apocalypse!

We embark on a journey that'll make your taste buds rise from the culinary dead – introducing the Zombie Breath Chick...

Grilling Ghouls and Roasting Zombies: The Ultimate Chicken Gyros Feast

Let's dive into the undead-infested world of Chicken Gyros – a dish so flavorful, it'll have even the most stoic zomb...

The Power of Spices: Chili Spice = Building Immunity

-- The Power of Spices -- ZSR HQ uses all sorts of chili types in our #spiceblends Yes, our spice ingredients are pub...

ZSR and Kale? Yes, We Did!

We are doing it! The Kale Chip Sensation! Our take is baked. Drizzle that fantastic olive oil from your stash along w...

Breakfast? Go with a ZSR'd Egg Pizza!

Eggs on a plate, eggs on toast, even eggs in a taco or naan bread! Eggs don't care what culture you come from. We lov...

ZSR'd Deviled Eggs -- Crunchy!

Taking the classic Deviled Eggs, using Zombie Power and punching it up with crunch a la potato sticks.

#snackCase: ZSR-ified Chex Mix

It was a last minute decision...they said, “Make something with a hint of heat after the Flavortown of a solid spice ...
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