Happy Spring! Deep clean your favorite cooking equipment and get ready!

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We're here to help. Zombies are standing by... we mean Spice Experience Ambassadors are here to address questions, provide quotes, help with ordering and network =D

Reach us through a channel that is convenient for you; call - click - message.

  • Call: we do our best to respond within 24 hours at (720) 841-3224
  • Email: support@zombiespicerub.com
  • Chat: look for the chat bubble to start a conversation and you can always DM @ZombieSpiceRub on social media X (formerly Twitter), Instagram and Facebook
  • Leave a message by filing out the below form

We Want to Hear From You Please let us know that you are working to get Zombie Spice Rub delivered prior to/before a certain date. We give all orders the White Glove Treatment. Well, it's more like Nitrile Disposable Gloves, Latex Free... for Clean Kitchen compliance. Seriously, we are *dying* to know in order to continue delivering exceptional experiences.

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