Happy Spring! Deep clean your favorite cooking equipment and get ready!

The Power of Spices: Chili Spice = Building Immunity

-- The Power of Spices --

ZSR HQ uses all sorts of chili types in our #spiceblends Yes, our spice ingredients are published publicly; check out the product pages. From chipotle to cayenne and adobe chili powders in between!

🤔 Did you know 🤔

The variety of chili peppers not only contain capsaicin but also carries it at a very high concentration. There are many, many benefits of ingesting this fruit. Yes, chili is classified as a fruit vs vegetable because chilies are the fruits of flowering plants from the nightshade family.🤓

💪 Here's one way = Building Immunity 💪

Chili spice contains vitamin C, acting as an antioxidant. This gives a huge boost to strengthen your immune system + wound & infection healing.

🍽️ #snackinspiration 🍽️

When you hear 'vitamin C,' images of oranges pop in your head, right? Take cold oranges: we love Cara Caras (super sweet variation of an orange) + a sprinkle of Zombie Powder. See? You don't have to wait when you order in or occasionally cook spicy ethnic foods such as Indian curries and Mexican tacos to ingest chilies.

Eat safe out there, #mealtimeowner

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