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About Us - Zombie Spice Rub Company

We believe in food. It's power to bring people together, in good times and bad. Food warms the heart when you're down. Food is there when good times are celebrated. Food is best when it's shared, right?

The power of spices is fantastic. Not only do they enhance the food, spices are beneficial for the body. The phytocarbons found in spices help toxins escape through our red blood cells' rigid cell walls. Kinda ironic when incorporating this zombie theme for branding =D

So, prep, cook, share and smile.

An eco-conscious and as-organic-as-we-can-be business, based in Colorado, U.S.A. Our family lineage is a line of at-home-cooks and self-taught amateur chefs, influenced from the Middle East, Europe and many, many Anthony Bourdain episodes. Yes, every series, multiple, multiple times, from No Reservations to Parts Unknown to a Chef's Adventures #NetflixFan.

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