Happy Spring! Deep clean your favorite cooking equipment and get ready!

Order & Shipping: What to Expect

Orders are typically filled & shipped within 24 hours,

some times 48 hours.

As Zombies, we are known to shamble along until we sense a meal. Then it's nothing stops us till we get it. Same approach to our order & shipping practice. The meal we're after is THE ORDER. It's super exciting to turn around the order as fast we can. We just focus in on that one thing, the order. YOUR ORDER.

We Want to Hear From You Please let us know that you are working to get Zombie Spice Rub delivered prior to/before a certain date. Not that we're not treating all orders with White Glove Treatment. Well, it's more like Nitrile Disposable Gloves, Latex Free... for Clean Kitchen compliance. Seriously, we are *dying* to know to in order to continue delivering exceptional experiences.

International Orders will receive a shipping discount. We see you and hear you, fellow #grillslayers, over there, across the pond from Australia to Thailand, Canada to Germany. Everyone cooks and Zombie Spice Rub Company salutes you. Please Contact Us for a quote.

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