Happy Spring! Deep clean your favorite cooking equipment and get ready!

Breakfast? Go with a ZSR'd Egg Pizza!

First, a breakfast pizza is a hit at brunch parties or that slow, start-a-Sunday-morning or when you just don't feel. like. cooking. We get that mood! Second, pizza for any meal is always a non-guilty pleasure! We keep meal-prep down by using pre-made pizza dough (use your go-to brand, but have you ever thought to ask your favorite dine-in/delivery 'za establishment?Try it!) and spaghetti sauce from the jar.

Our version's base is always scrambled eggs along with grilled potatoes from the previous night's bbq party. One of the keys here is to just undercook the eggs on the stove, as they are gonna firm up during the pizza baking time. Pictured here, this pizza is topped with spinach and ground turkey crumbles.

Yep, we make this entire dish all in one pan, our good ole faithful cast iron. The other tools? One cutting board, one sharp knife, one butter knife and a kitchen towel.

Now, we're a family of five:

  • the Father who eats for about two people
  • the Mother who eats a proper serving of about two fist sizes
  • three kiddos where
    • the youngest doesn't eat dinner
    • the middle one who is 50/50 on eating her entire plate
    • the oldest who is pretty good at eating it all up

So, the following measurements are tailored to make two 'za's; approximately twelve to fifteen inches round.

Ingredients / Putting this Bad Boy Breakfast Pizza Together

  • 5 to 6 eggs; scramble these in the cast iron first. However you like scrambled eggs, from dry to super creamy. and whatever you normally add, salt-n-pepper or pepper only or add Parmesan cheese. We like to throw in dill + chopped onions sometimes. The key is to not cook them to finish like you would usually. Undercook them as they are gonna firm up on the oven.
  • On a pre-made crust, we throw down a few spoonfuls of spaghetti sauce from our go-to jar.
  • Take those almost-cooked scrambled eggs and spoon those over the spagehtti sauce.
  • Potatoes: gotta have 'em as part of breakfast, right? Whether its on the side, in a breakfast taco or burrito, it's the breakfast staple. We use our leftovers from last night's bbq dinner (red/white combo). This is where we prepared the potatoes with Zombie Breath!! We usually slice one potato up, about fist-sized, in chunks and throw that over the scrambled eggs.
  • Almost there; ground turkey. We use about half a pound and sporadically spread the turkey crumbles uncooked, over the potatoes and eggs. Of course, this is where you can go your way with the meat/protein, whatever is in the fridge.
  • Cheese, cheese, cheese. Shredded cheese from your favorite package is generously sprinkled on top.
  • Two last steps: go for a handful of spinach leaves. We always have a bag around since its used on turkey sandwiches and salads in this house.
  • Finally, Zombie Breath is dusted, very generously, over this whoie pie.

That's it. Takes about 15 minutes to prep & assemble and about 20 minutes cook time total; both the scrambled eggs & pizza bake time. Look, we've got Netflix running in the background along with some Bubble-ies in hand. Meal prep, for us, is not sprinting!

So, what toppings did you put on yours? We'd love to see your combos, whether they are 'traditional' or experimental for you... post your pics on Facebook and/or Instagram and tag us @zombiespicerub. Leave a comment below. Might be some schwag in it for you =D

PS - pie crust, for the pizza base, gets the work done, too. It's all about the fun of making this meal many, many times. Experimenting with marrying the crust's flavor with your custom toppings.

You got this, #mealtimeowner

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