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Wake the Dead Rack-o-Ribs: They'll *Liven* Any Dish

Oftentimes, we're asked, what goes great with each of these Zombie Spice Rubs? Our answers start with talking about what dishes they were born on.

Ribs. Quite frankly, each rub started on Chuck Beef Ribs and Bone-In Ribeyes. That's standard operating procedure protein stock in our R&D kitchen.

Below refers to the Cadillac of cooking BBQ-style using a smoker. Considering we tend to also love #foodhacking, we know the intimidation and quite frankly, the majority of #mealtimeowners don't have the time, let alone a smoker sitting around. Contact us for alternate ways to cook this dish (using an oven and/or grill).

Here's our take on preparing beef rib racks with Wake the Dead rub

  • The Meat: We start with at least five racks of chuck beef ribs (see below for different cuts of ribs) from our local butcher (happens to be a Whole Foods). They're really good at setting aside our order upon request along with pre-prepping with removal of any siilverskin found in the cap. When you work with the same butcher over time, they're gonna come to know how you like it.
  • Clean: In the kitchen, we give each rack a rinse under water followed by a good drying with paper towels.
  • Bath: two liquids go on before a generous dusting of Wake the Dead Rub. First we rub olive oil, followed by mustard. Our go-to is bottled by Hak's BBQ - Smoked Maple Mustard. Lastly, we're using at least a quarter bottle / 4 to 5 tablespoons, of Wake the Dead Rub (or Zombie Power when we're in the mood for that sweet and spicy flavor.
  • Soak aka Marinate: at minimum, we're letting the ribs bathe aka marinate for 24 hours. Heck, when we are part of a scheduled event, we go 48 hours. Don't let those big numbers dissuade you 'cause these unique flavors can still be pulled off if you get this dish set up same day. 30 minutes to 1 hour works, too!
  • Cook: our preferred method is low and slow in smoke from pecan wood. Maintain that 250 - 300 degree range and plan a 6 hour cook time for a 4 1/2 to 5 lb Chuck rack. We all know, when it comes to smoking, cooking is about feel and temperature, not time. We look for that warm butter consistency through and through.

Quick Tip / Background on the Beef Rib Cuts for BBQ'ing

There are three main types of beef ribs to consider for this dish; Back, Chuck and Plate. Yes, there is the fourth one that is very common - boneless or bone in short ribs. However, short ribs are not the right cut. They are simply too small to have any decent meat left after the cooking process. Whether grilled, smoked, baked or whatever your go-to method of BBQ cooking.

The most commonly found, when found at your local grocer/butcher, are the Chuck ribs cut. This cut is normally ribs numbers 2,3,4 & 5 (from head-side towards tail). This cut makes for better individual portions. The ribs pictured in this blog are Chuck Beef Ribs.

That said, the coveted Plate ribs are the Stars. These are status = ‘brontosaurus’ ribs. Plate ribs are from the same area as chuck ribs, just further along the animal, comprised of the 6,7 & 8th ribs.The challenge for consumers is finding these bad boys at the local grocer/butcher. Rather, food service suppliers get priority.

The Back Ribs cut is recommended third. They are the beef equivalent of pork baby backs, and are cut from the curved part of the rib that comes right off the spine. Most of the meat has already been cut away. Thus, you're really buying bone and intercostal muscle.

We'd love to see your racks! Leave a comment below. Post your pics on Facebook and/or Instagram and tag us @zombiespicerub. Might be some schwag in it for you =D

You got this, #mealtimeowner

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