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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

We get it. Considering to spend money on a new Brand, touting its products like they are *the thing* you can't live without, is stressful. In this case, you can't live without food. So, that should put you over the top to say in your head it's a no-brainer to purchase a lot of Zombie Spice Rub's spiceblend products =D

Kidding aside, the seasonings & spices industry is choked full of great and not-so-great products. Combine that with a wide swing of buying experiences, situations, options, etc., makes it hard to try our version, done our way.

We got you and address it with putting forward our Brand Messages and Brand Voice. You can always contact us real-time or leave a message, on pretty much any communication channel. You really don't have to read this page, but it is here.

Should any of the information lead to more questions or concerns, yes, it's time to talk to one of our Spice Experience Ambassadors. Click to our Contact Us to find a way to connect with us.

Question: Are free samples available?

Answer: If you are learning about our Brand for the first time, the small-sized 2.3 ounce jars are designed to serve as an introduction to ZSR's flavors. Smaller-sized sample packets are not shipped out for quality and durability reasons.

If you happen to know any member of the ZSR Team or invited to ZSR HQ for a VIP Event, the answer is yes. This is where the experience to indulge on ZSR-soaked food items happens! 

Question: How are your rubs best used?

Answer: Oh, we love, love, love this question! Once you get us going, it is hard to stop. Rather than keep going with long-winded wit, start with our blog pages. The Recipe library is currently growing & growing.

Question: Can these rubs be sold in custom or bulk volumes? 

Answer: Yes. Connect with us. We would be honored to tailor your order.

Question: How long should I expect it to take for my package to arrive once I have completed my order?

Answer: The shipping speed is all about the option you selected. Zombie Spice Rub typically fulfills your order within 48 hours when your order comes through.


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